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Cloth Lighting Issue

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    Cloth Lighting Issue

    Hey guys, I'm messing around with cloth for the first time in UDK for a scene I'm working on. I'm trying to get my cloth to light properly but it seems I'm getting loads of shading errors on the cloth itself. Also, I'm using a blank (pretty **** bright) yellow material with a basic spec on it, but it's coming out as this dingy dark yellow. Weirdly. the underside of the mesh is the correct colour. I've built lighting many times and my lighting solution currently is only a directional light (with dynamic lighting turned on) so I'm not sure where the problem is coming from. I followed this tutorial ( for the cloth but his looks nice and mine does not :P The cloth itself works perfectly, it's just not lighting. Here's a shot. Any ideas?

    In Editor:

    In Game:



    FIXED: It seems my directional light wasn't enjoying the skeletal mesh. I dropped a point light near it to test and all of the bugs went. I'm not sure if it's globally known that skeletal meshes don't work with directional lights, or if I've just messed up a specific variable in the properties. Anyways, point lights work so I have one sitting near my cloth now and all is well.