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Problem with Car Import

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    Problem with Car Import

    Hello all,

    I am trying to import a Lancia Delta into UDK. So far when I drag the actor in it goes on it's left side and stays like that when I play the game. Upon entering the vehicle, it lands the right way up, jiggles a bit, then has a couple of wheels floating around it and it doesn't drive anywhere. Video here for reference:

    The model I have is one I found online, I only added bones and skinned it following tutorials online. All the axis are pointing the right way in 3DS Max so I'm pretty sure it isn't that (though I'm not an expert). I've tried resetting the X-Form too. My boyfriend played with a few of the animtree settings and wheels got a little better (rotating in the correct direction although wheels still were not in correct place), and it became drivable.

    Not sure what to do. Any help would be much appreciated!


    To turn the vehicle you need to double click the mesh in the content browser then opened, in SkeletalMesh change RotOrigin, guessing try Roll -270 degrees... Also, in the browser the vehicle should be facing the X direction. I dunno what's with the wheels but I suspect you have a problem with the code.

    Look at some helpful tutorials that will get you through lots of small but annoying technical hitches that nearly everyone has trouble with.
    Geodav and Tegleg have done a lot of vehicle tutorials:


      yep here we go again, sorry, from that video i'd say watch my videos and start again, check the bone orientation and the animtree will have errors due to the bones .

      please what ever you do don't use max bones use simple max objects, to stop fbx errors when exporting once you have made/scaled your bone objects the do a x-form on them form the tools tab not the modifier