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Relative scale of textures

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    Relative scale of textures

    I'd like to know if anyone has any recommendations on what to do about texturing very very large objects in UDK.

    To put that in context, let us say I am using a 1024x1024 pixel texture for a 256x256 unit wallpiece, all other objects that fit in a 256 unit cube also use a 1024x1024 texture. For this particular case I am not actually talking about making a very tall wall but irregular objects like large statues, long boats, large wooden beams, big doors/gates, etc. -- things that normally aren't tile-able mesh.

    What if I wanted to make something really big -- like 4x the size?

    Should it use a texture that is 4 times the size with the UV in relative scale to all other objects' UV maps/islands?

    Is it better to just cut up the model into several smaller pieces, tiling pieces where possible, and assemble them in the editor?

    PS. I'm mostly using this for just creating a scene, not really for gaming purposes so performance isn't really a big deal but I do try and optimize where possible.

    It is often good to cut the meshes in smaller pieces , but instead you can use something like let's say 4k texture map for it + overlay it with some detail texture of some smaller size , i think that is a good way for some big rock for example , use overlaying only for really big meshes , if it's not big then 4k map is usually enough .
    You can look at UDK rocks materials which are using many tiles for specular map .


      Do you happen to know any resources and tutorials specific to optimized texturing UDK static mesh particularly irregular objects / not wall pieces?