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SpeedTree Tri-Foil issue: 2 leaf mesh color set warning

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    SpeedTree Tri-Foil issue: 2 leaf mesh color set warning

    Hello, guys.

    I'm trying to mod the Broadleaf_RT sample that comes with SpeedTree UDK. I want to use Tri-Foil leaves to get a better appearance and get rid of those shadow issues while moving camera... But I can't! When I change the SpeedTree leaves parameter to Tri-Foil I'll get this warning: "This tree model is not valid for use with the UDK: 2 leaf mesh color set(s) in use exceeds the limit of 1"

    In "Leaves" tab on the left, I get two Types, I tried to change the Material of both types to the same texture, tried to change one of them to "none", tried to change the "Weight" parameter of one of them to 0... The warning continues and if I try to import to UDK, the leaves don't get the textures and keep invisible.

    With "plane" on both types everything goes fine, but if I change just one of them to any other type, this issue appears...

    Any ideas?

    Well, I did some more tests and it seems to be a bug for me... The problem is not that mesh color warning, I've just created a new tree from scratch and everything goes fine until I change the leaves geometry to anything but planes. If I use tri-foil geometry for the leaves, they won't appear in UDK...