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    Looking for a teacher

    Hi everybody I really love UDK, Games and especially game creation, I'm currently in active learning process, of UDK, 3D max and other CG creating software. But my knowledge is advancing really slow, and especially when i meet problems witch i don't know solutions of.

    I have some problems with Baking Normal maps in X-Normal and other stuff i want to know like workflow etc.

    Can somebody be my teacher for 1 hour or so and explain & answer some questions for me?
    My skype temptationdeveloper

    Please I beg You! I dont have money for education courses but i want to create games! With UDK!

    I am a newbie too, but I would help you if I know the solution only in here if you tell the exact problem you have.


      I have a lot of questions but this is one of them

      I have a part of a mesh. 1 High Poly ~2kk Polys, another 76k. Low Poly. Now I need to bake the details from the HP to LP. Okay Here it is. I positioned them together

      Now I Unwrapped the LP one

      Baked the normals in XNormal

      Made the ray tracing calculations all ok but here it is

      And this is how it looks

      The right one is ok the left is one with baked normals

      Help me please


        here is my workflow

        clear all smoothing groups and dont assign any
        center pivot of low and high objects
        move low and high poly objects on 0,0,0 by world coordinates(not view)
        append projection modifier on low poly object and modify cage to cover high poly object
        select low poly and export selected as sbm(check low poly option)
        select high poly and export selected as sbm(check high poly option)
        restore default settings in xnormal
        import low and high poly files in xnormal
        check use cage option on low poly (ray distances are hard to adjust and arent suitable for most shapes, so I use cage)
        make antialiasing 4x
        use +x-y+z coordinates on normal map options (udk uses inverted green channel for some reason)
        in 3ds Max export low poly as fbx
        check smoothing groups, tangent and binormals make fbx 2013 dont check triangulate
        import model to udk and check import tangents, explicit normals
        import normal map, make compression settings tc_normalmap and make mipgen settings sharpen5

        as I told I am a newbie too
        something may be wrong with these steps and if it is I hope someone explains the reason


          OH MY GOD!! It worked!!! Million of thanks Caner Ozdemir. It is awesome!! Thank you!!


            I have 1 more question What is the workflow for High Poly unwrapping? Is there some tricks?

            I have a piece This one

            It has a lot of polys

            Its almost impossible to unwrap, so how should i do?


              today I learned it would be better to check triangulate.

              if you are making high poly with turbo smooth or something
              unwrap low poly and then append turbo smooth, it will automatically adjust uv's perfectly.
              other than that i dont know cuz you cant import more than 65536 vertices for one mesh in udk.


                There's usually no reason to unwrap the UVs on high poly models. Normal maps can be baked directly from them without unwrapping. Any other texture maps like diffuse, spec, etc. can be done on the low poly after that has been unwrapped.

                normally with high poly models, if made in a program like ZBrush or Mudbox, the artist will paint directly on each face of the high poly, which is called poly painting. This would then be baked onto the low poly using either the program the high poly was made in, or in Xnormal using vertex colors. These methods don't require unwrapping the high poly model, which would probably be a pain.

                PS, your "low poly model with 76K polys is most likely too big to work in UDK. As said above, a mesh in UDK can only have roughly 65,000 verticies (not polygons, but verticies) so you may run into issues trying to use that mesh in UDK.