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material who blink from visible to invisible

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    material who blink from visible to invisible

    Hi, I want to know if there is a simple way to make a material going from a big opacity to not at all, being visible to gradually being invisible to be visible again and over and over.
    I try a simple thing by creating a serie of material and of set material in kismet
    the problem is, I have kind of a switch in my game. When the swith is active, the mesh must become completly invisible, when the switch is off, it return to the mesh with the blnking material. If I do it with just one material on active mode and inactive mode everything is fine, but with this solution of a lot of material with delay between each one, then verything does not work at alll and the mesh never become invisible.

    Wathever I want to know how to create a material that blink from visible to invisible and not not from bright t to drak


    look into material instances...


      I don't know if I got what you're trying to do. regarding the switch, I'll put a scalarparameter in the material that can be modified via unrealscript; this scalarparameter will be multiplied with the blink effect. it will be connected to opacity channel:

      Click image for larger version

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      The blink is realized using a sine function.

      Hope this helped


        My god its freaking work **** fine . Thanks