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Texture issue inside UDK

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    Hey guys.
    An update.

    I've been reading your replies, and first, thanks alot for taking your time answering this thread.

    I decided to go a completely different route. I went with plane walls instead of full box meshes. It solved ALOT of my issues. I have to work a little different than what I originally thought I would do with my environments but I think this is for the best no doubt.
    And normal maps looks alot better.

    Thanks again fellas.


      That it being caused by your normal and spec map being too deep and 'strong'

      You can adjust them in UDK by multiplying it by a power 3 vector RGB = XYZ in 3D space

      Use normalmap compression for the normalmap unless it has an alpha channel you want to use

      Use greyscale for the spec map unless it has color to it


        Thanks, awesome tips. I switched from CrazyBump to Ndo2. That rendered better and cleaner normal maps.