Hey guys,

my friend has made an asteroid in blender, exported it as a fbx file, converted it with the Autodesk FBX Converter so we have no problems with the textures
and gave it to me. First of all, the import takes veeeeery long and the second thing... I don't even know how to describe it:

Thats how the model should look:

What the hell happened? We tried several things and still the same result!
I checked everything in the import settings, but none of them fixed the problem.
However, we used the .ase format until I discovered that fbx works better(Tested a few meshes and no problems at all)
So we had a functional asteroid but there were some problems. The first was the message during the building.
"Overlapping UVs". So asked my friend and he said, that was a result of the .ase export(He needed 2 UV Channels, but don't ask me!)
The other problem was this after the building was complete:

Thats obviously not what I want. I have no real idea why it has these strange black stains on it.
My thought was the double UV-Channel so I said my friend that he should delete the second.

He did and sent me the finished asteroid and the result is that completely screwed thing in the first picture...

So any thoughts?
And sry 4 grammar mistakes^^