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Modelling Humans vs "Demons"...

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    Modelling Humans vs "Demons"...

    Hello Everyone!
    Hope everything's been good!

    SO! I finally narrowed down my game to two separate stories.
    However, I have a slight problem...

    One involves demonic creature the other would use human enemies, preferably masked humans (i.e. balaclavas)...
    I'm pretty good at modelling things such as weapons or environments, but when it comes to characters... not as much.
    For those who are good at such a thing, do you thing it would be easier for a beginner to model a human or a crazy-looking creature?

    Honestly, I'm basing which game to do first off this. If humans are easier... the game with human enemies, demons...

    So what do you guys think will be good for me?
    What did you start with you began?

    Thanks in Advance

    I'll go with the demonic creature cus it doesn't have to look anatomically correct to Anything.


      Yeah thats a good point!

      Its crazy how hard it is to model humans...if only we all used floating guns...development would be so much easier!

      Thanks for the feedback!
      -Jack Harper


        Character modelling takes a little while

        I think either monsters or humans - be consistent in shapes and attitudes.

        I got some characters free and just looked at the bookmark, but 404... Instead I typed in Google, free 3d models: first site I found had some characters: The problem I had with the free meshes I got they were too complex like 20,000 tris. I want 4,000 max, so for me it's probably easier to start from scratch. Tho even modifying some characters I already made is a pain.

        slightly off-topic, Keltar I think your model are good, if a little rigid in their style. It's your texturing is all, shading here and there would be closer to what you want. Also you helped me a lot with your explanations of UT code in many of your posts, many thanks.


          Yeah I hear you...
          Thanks for the link!

          I'll start to play around with them both and see which seems easier for a first game...

          Thanks guys!
          -Jack Harper


            Modelling Humans vs "Demons"...

            @ jason
            you are welcome.

            @ snipe
            I hear you. I am still trying to refine my texturing. I should look at tutorials, but I have my own style and workflow, which sometimes looks messy.
            Thanks for the crit.

            Jason let me know if you need a design and model of a demon.