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[TUTORIAL]Rigging a character for games

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    [TUTORIAL]Rigging a character for games

    I found a really helpfull tutorial on Youtube so i decided i share it with you This tutorial isn't mine it's by Autodesk

    In this series, you learn how to rig a character for games using simple bone setups. Although 3ds Max has automated skeleton tools such as Biped or CAT, you can have more control over a skeleton you build yourself using 3ds Max bones. This series is made of three main parts: First, you learn how to build the bone skeleton. You then learn how to skin the character's geometry to that skeleton. Finally, you learn how to rig the skeleton to make the animator's job easier. This brief introductory movie explains the series and gives you a breakdown of what you will learn and the tasks that await you. Special thanks go to Tigran Akopian for sharing his expertise on skinning and rigging, and to Luis Alonso and Christopher Diggins for their contribution to the MaxScript files needed for this tutorial series.

    Awesome tutorial, thanks for sharing.

    I do think CAT is an awesome tool and gives you FULL control over your rig. CAT has both mo-cap mode where it blends walk anims with your won etc, which is great for games as most character main feature is their walking/running movements etc. Apart from that you have every control, and customise available to move/scale/add/delet bones and make a custom rig in minutes (COMPLETE WITH IK) as well as blend custom and mo-cap together.

    I think its great to use bones to learn if you have never rigged before, but in my opinion CAT is an awesome tool with awesome quick results for the novice animator