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Learning 3D Asset Creation for UDK

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    Learning 3D Asset Creation for UDK

    I apologise if this is the wrong section for a question like this, or if I am unintentionally reposting. I had a search around and haven't found an answer to my question clearly yet.

    The question is, where is the best way to learn to make assets for the UDK?

    I am a programmer mainly, however I could just about model a bad M4 without the world collapsing. My problem comes with understanding how this all fits together to import and use in the UDK. How to animate and create player models, then correctly import them for use in UDK continues to evade me.

    So in essence, my question is: Could anyone post links to a good tutorial series / book on creating assets for UDK? ( I don't mind if it is paid as long as it gets the job done )

    It depends which 3d programm your are using ^^ (blender, max, maya,...)


      Here you can find very good blender modelling tutorials:

      The importing of 3d models into UDK isnt hard to do


        Thanks for the links. I prefer to stay on the auto desk side of the fence as I am already relatively familiar with Maya and managed to pickup a cheap commercial license for it. I am in education as well so for the time being Ihabe access to the full suite for learning purposes.

        And I think I completely misrepresented my stumbling block. My problem is more how to go from a static mesh in Maya to a object in the UDK world with light mapping etc.

        On a tangent note, if anyone knows a good place to learn non photorealistic maya moddeling, I would really appreciate a link.


          Here are some good tutorials

          Custom Char: