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    Blender Import

    Hello - Im following a tutorial written for 3ds, but am trying to do it in blender. Im stuck on the step: "Set a different Material ID to each sphere, and then apply a Multi/Sub-material to both, with two different material subchannels." Does anyone know if its possible to do this in blender?

    My blender setup is here:

    Also, the tutorial is here if anyone is interested:

    yep been there done that and made a video of it

    check my youtube channel / blender tutorials playlist


      hi shackman, I saw this thread this morning and just had to give the tutorial a try.

      here is a pic of what I ended up with in blender and UDK.

      that tutorial seemed a bit more hassle then it needed to be so I did it my own way and it worked, although its a static mesh not a skeletal mesh and the UV went a little dodgy at the top and bottom because I used the "follow active quad" unwrap option and as the top of the spheres are tris not quads it went a bit screwy (I couldn't be bothered to do it properly), but other then that it looks ok

      since I don't need the files if you want them you can download them from here
      it contains the blend file (made in 2.67) and the upk file (made in UDK-2013-02).

      anyway I learnt something new about materials while I was doing it, so thanks


        Wow, that looks pretty cool, thanks!

        Ill check out the tutorials too.