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Evenly tile texture across non-square UV meshes?

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    Evenly tile texture across non-square UV meshes?

    When I was looking at my other problem I thought of another question to ask. This is generally different than the other one so I made a new thread for it.

    Let's say I have the following example:

    Since the mesh's UV space isn't the entire square I can't place a tiling texture that will scale evenly across modular pieces. Is there any way to set something like that up? I just grabbed a random texture from my HDD as an example. Is it possible to set up UDK if I wanted to have that tile over the 1 area of the meshes in UDK. I wouldn't know where to start. I couldn't come up with a decent enough set of terms to search for either which is why I decided to just post it.

    If you're using just those pieces modularly together then I suggest scaling the UVs to fit the texture from left to right. If you're also going to use other modular shapes next to it though, you would just need to plan it in a way where you could cover the seams with a different static mesh.


      here are a few options i sugget:

      1. make the textures modular and fit them exactly to the modular pieces so they tile without extra geometry to hide the seams.

      2. make extra geometry to hide the seams lol (this is actually a good method)

      3. you could make a material that uses world position to project the texture onto the meshes.

      Here are some great tutorials on modular asset creation


        yea you'll want to tile your textures, not mess with the UVs in a way that will case textures to stretch. Plenty of videos on youtube, takes about 5 minutes once you know how to do it.