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Weird normal maps

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    Weird normal maps

    I'm trying to create some normal maps to texture from in Photoshop. I'm sculpting using Mudbox and tried creating a normal map from there, with some strange results. I also tried nDO2 which gave a totally flat normal map.

    I created a quick model for reference:

    and this is the normal map Mudbox creates:

    This specific model has no face bottomwise, but every other model gives me weird normal maps anyway.

    This is an example for a similar model:

    See? No edges whatsoeever.

    What is going wrong?

    maybe no uvw map !!!!



      I tried creating UVs in Mudbox just to see if there's any difference.

      This is what happened:

      Normal map:

      And this is with the NM applied:


        sorry i'm not a mudbox user but theres something not right there, i still tip the uvw map but that also depends on how much you have modified the base mesh, normal maps are for adding detail not for displacement


          Mudbox is for making a high poly version of a mesh that gets a normal map baked to a lower poly mesh. You don't make a normal map from that model and put it back on the same high poly model.


            Make the sub devisions back to the lowest sub devided level. Think of it this way, Mud box is creating an invisible object around the mesh, and everytime you sub devide the mesh gets smaller and the mesh gets bigger so the detail is not in the same exact place anymore which is cause it to have less detail since the mesh is the object that is collecting the data and anything it touches. don't know if that made since but yeah try setting the detail then making it on the lowest SD level then bake it.