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Modeling Max 2013 error

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    Modeling Max 2013 error

    Hello all,

    has anyone used Max 2013? I upgraded from 2009 and have been like everyone else using the multi/sub-object method to texture my models. But since I Updated to 2013 when I go to export my model it says that the muti/sub-object has a multi/sub-object material assigned and is going to remove my textures and apply default textures. Has anyone had this happened? By default the material editor is in standard mode so I would always select Mult/sub-material but since my upgrade it seems like it doesn't like to do this method prior to exporting. Can anyone help?

    Please and thank you. Here is the error I get when I try to export to FBX:

    The following Multi/Sub-Object Material contains Multi/Sub-Object materials
    within it. The plug-in does not support recursive definitions, the sub-materials
    will be replaced with standard materials:

    -01 - Default