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Making cage in Max to project better normals in Xnormal?

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    Making cage in Max to project better normals in Xnormal?

    Hi all

    Got a normal map question.

    Ok I have a uni assignment which involves creating a character that will be presented in UDK. Im using Xnormal to bake out my normal maps and they look terrible when applied using the xoliul shader in Max 2013. I have heard of the use of cages to project the normals better. They seem simple to use just export a larger version of the low that just surrounds the original low/high model and add it as a cage in x normal.

    The problem im having is inflating the copy of the low to surround the rest. The tutorials ive seen are shown in Maya not Max 2013. Ive tried scaling it on all axsis but that doesnt look right to me.

    Hope some one can help me with this approach or show me another way i can project my normals better onto the low.

    Thanks in advance


    Take ages for me to learn how to do proper normal but I can get a good looking one now.

    Follow this tutorial here

    Just note that it normal map projection will never be perfect. You always need to go to Photoshop to adjust.