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    "limping" car


    This is only the second time I ever had to ask for help on these forums, but Google really didn't serve me any good so you guys are my last hope!

    I made my own car following the tutorials, HOWEVER I had to change the code to the scorpion's code because I couldn't enter my vehicle in a custom game mode.

    After a lot of issues with the wheels and the camera giving me a headache, I have stumbled upon the following problem....

    My car is bent sideways as it was doing a right corner on an Indy 500 circuit at 400 km/h. It is in a 'normal' position when it is placed on the map

    While it is very funny and all that, I doubt my professors would find it very amusing since this project is basically my bachelor paper.
    I would like to include some files but I have no idea what files you guys would actually want to see. Feel free to ask for files if you would like to look at it.

    What I have noticed that if I change my skeletal control wheel options (like the wheel displacement) in my vehicle's animation tree, they all return back to their original value. However since the original values are the same for all 4 wheels I didn't really panic.

    If anyone has any idea what might be causing this please do tell, cause I have been searching for 2 days and I couldn't find anything :/

    I had a leaning problem with my car.

    It turned out to be this piece of code in my default properties.

    I changed it to this.

    and my issue was fixed. might work might not.


      You, my friend, are my hero.

      I had to change it to COMOffset=(x=0.0,y=0.0,z=-36.0) though since otherwise it would do crazy acrobatics when i released the throttle., changing the x to 0 made it stand straight.

      Thanks again Smokey!


        glad it helped