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[WALK-THROUGH] Fully Functional Vehicle (my first car).

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    Originally posted by smokey13 View Post
    lets just hope this works
    Works perfectly for me. The "on it's side" issue is resolved by "Use TOAs Ref Pose".


      Originally posted by Spoof View Post
      also the PSK crash log is nothing to do with bones or weighting. It's found a face (triangle) who's normal is coplanar - meaning it's not pointing out from the face, implying that the triangle is degenerate: two or more of the vertices have the exact same coordinates, which prevents the math from calculating a plane for the surface normal.
      that must be the flipped normals on the driveshafts. i will have to fix that

      ill have to try to edit the file in Visual studio or one of the others. stupid windows 8 wont let me dowload notepad++, "god ****" i hate windows 8


        Originally posted by smokey13 View Post
        that must be the flipped normals on the driveshafts. i will have to fix that
        It's not that they're flipped, it's because there's no logical 'surface' to create a perpendicular normal. The 'triangle' is either a single edge or a point in space, composed of 3 vertices.


          you sir are a genius

          i managed to modify the .fbx exporter using standard notepad (it was hassle to find the right lines though)i tried importing a standard blender .fbx and a converted .fbx, both worked except the converted .fbx didnt get the warning about .fbx version (witch is good). i did have a couple of problems though, the car and skeleton are in the right places in relation to each other but in UDK forward is -Y, in blenders 3D view forward is X, and the default export settings say forward is-Z. any suggestions.

          the second problem is the springs

          the problem is pretty obvious, must be the way i assigned the verticies to the vertex groups. the rest of the mesh seems fine so i will have to find a better way to do the springs.

          the third problem is the driveshaft

          the outer driveshaft is fine(yellow box) but the inner (red box) looks inside out, they have the exact same geometry/shape right down to the last vert. in blender all the normals are pointing outward so they should be the same but there not.

          so its almost in UDK

          thanks for all the help, i also friended you


            Originally posted by smokey13 View Post
            i did have a couple of problems though, the car and skeleton are in the right places in relation to each other but in UDK forward is -Y, in blenders 3D view forward is X, and the default export settings say forward is-Z. any suggestions.

            In the bottom of the skeletal mesh viewer, under the Mesh tab and Skeletal Mesh section, is a property for Rot Origin. UDK automatically sets the Yaw to -90 degrees by default. Set it to 0 or 180 to align with the forward X axis.

            Generally it's better to work in the standard Blender orientation with the Y axis for front/back, and X as the mirror axis. Then UDK's default setting for Rot Origin works out of the box with no modification. The official skeletal mesh assets have the same setup, and I believe it's because Max uses the same export orientation. Also (from past experience) the FBX export axis settings don't have any effect on this, so no point fiddling with them.

            For static meshes they do have a purpose, and the correct setting for the default Blender workspace is Forward = "-X Forward", Up = "Y Up"


              ok, i will try it in a minuit, i didnt think the .fbx export settings would make any difference but was'nt sure


              worked perfectly . now all i have to do is fix the driveshaft and figure out the springs, then it will finally be in UDK.


                ok geodav, update time

                thanks to spoof exporting from blender and importing to UDK is now working well (no warnings/ rotated skeleton or anything).

                driveshaft's are now fixed (i did find a couple more flipped normals when looking at the mesh in UDK mesh viewer but they will be fixed shortly).

                now to the springs

                i think i found a way to wieght them that seems to work, i was only moving 1 bone and the spring streched and compressed how it's supposed to as you can see. obviously i need to tweak it a little at the ends of the spring but it has a very smooth steching/compressing motion. also it wont need to strech quite that far.

                what do you think, do you think the springs motion is good enough?

                i think it's going quite well, although saying that i still need to get the cars skeleton functioning in UDK and script it (that should be eerm fun), and of course i still need to do the driver, get him/her fuctioning in UDK and script him/her as well. then i can release it as a free aset for anyone to play around with, or learn from.

                sounds like alot of work but still if something is worth doing....


                  well again a big thanks to Spoof for his help here, sorry but i still don't like the fbx exporter but thats me, what ever works for you is what i say.
                  now the springs are looking good not perfect but good enough to start playing in udk.
                  now what you need to do is think backwards, the wheel Z placement will control how the suspension works, so you need to create a set of controllers in the vehicles animtree which "lookat" the next bone in line, this also works for the rotation, as we want the bones to rotate and not translate, i think this is going to be really hard for me to wright down my thought process, trust me i haven't done anything this complex either i just know (or think i know) how to set things up

                  ok edit
                  it might be an idea to ahve a look at the udk scorpian animtree, look for the axle bones and check how they did the set up, basically you need to that sort of thing for the whole suspension.
                  what i suggest to start with is just setting up as a basic vehicle so its up and running in game then you can start adding to the animtree


                    hi geodav

                    i was planning to use the .psk exporter but as spoof helped me get the .fbx exporter working i might as well stay with it.

                    over the last couple of hours i have been experimenting with the weights on the spring, i just fineshed the last experiment and came up with this

                    witch is better then it was before, there is a small piece rond the back of the spring witch overlaps when fully compressed but i think i can fix that by blending the weights better at the end of the spring. i also found out the reason for the springs being in the wrong places in the picture just after i fixed the .fbx exporter is because i had unassigned the verticies to the vertex groups when trying to find the problem with the .psk export but i accidentaly saved over the file so, as i have to redo the springs anyway i thought i might as well make them function better.

                    i will definatly be having a look at the scorpian's animtree as i have no idea how they work and it should give me some level of understanding.

                    i dont think most people do things this complex and at least you have an idea about how to do this, all i have in my head is a liitle man running round in circles


                      ok once your in udk and your starting to do the animtree give me a shout, it will just be a case of copy/paste the controls and re-setting the bone names. it takes time to set up but in your case i think it will be worth it.

                      the spring is looking good from here


                        ok now were getting somewhere

                        i finaly finished re-doing the springs. i also got round to doing the speculer and normal maps but i had to get rid of the normal map because it made the frame go screwy. i made an emissive as well so now the numbers and letters glow. i have exported, converted, imported to UDK, got the car facing X, and set up the material.

                        this is what it looks like now (in UDK).

                        after i imported i selected each bone individually and moved them away from the car to check for any unassigned or wrongly assigned verts (there was'nt any).

                        i did have a look at the scorpian's animtree/bone layout...ect in UDK, understood some but not much. i will be having a more in depth look to see if i can get a better level of understanding. fingers crossed

                        i am also going to have a look through UDK's vehicle scripts (i know it's not time for it yet but it never hurts to look).


                          ok its time for scripting the vehicle, trust me on this before your go any further, check my vehicle tutorials and do just the basic vehicle stuff then add the code and give it a run, you can always add to the animtree later, just make sure the thing works and goes the right way


                            i went to watch your vids but youtube keeps coming up with the "error" warning thing, then i tried downloading the vids for animtree/physics assets...ect but it kept getting interupted at about 80% so i'll have to try again tommorow.


                            ok, so i figured i should start with the animtree but youtube still wont let me download your vid and when i try to just watch the vid it stops just after you added the animtree and opened it, i managed to get the mesh preview working and add the bones to my animtree, then i decided to check out the UDN for info on skeletal controllers and now im not sure witch controllers to add to witch bone.

                            any suggestions on witch cotrols to use and on what bones?

                            this looks to be out of my leage at the moment but im still going to give it a go


                              just been having a quick check of the youtube video

                              seems to be working fine, ftm just use the SkelControlWheel, just set up the wheels and leave it at that, then do a quick code test
                              sorr just the controls on the actual wheel bones so that it drives and steers


                                i think the problem might be my laptop because i tried downloading notepad++ the other day and it would'nt let me, or it could be my dongle. wierd considering it was working fine the other day when i dowloaded your tutorial about rigging.

                                ok will just do wheel controllers.

                                on the little bit of your video i did manage to watch i noticed you had the floor showing and your car was sitting on top, when i turned the floor on my car was well below ground.
                                how do i fix that?