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Bones Quick Question Easy answer I Hope

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    Bones Quick Question Easy answer I Hope

    I posted this under Character and Animation with no answer yet so Ill try here.

    My Game is a Shump. It has ship parts that are modular. There is animations but they will be mechanical animations.
    I want to use bones as Mount Points and Particle Points. I know I can do this in the socket editor. I'm good there.
    I can place single bones witch as the Points I got that far but now I'm a little stumped because I can assign Points or Vertsies to to a joint but I need to be able to put a bone right on a surface so that I can piece my ships together but All I can do is place the bones assgn vertcies to them. I need to do perfect placement.

    Im using Wings3d and Milkshape3d (using this to add the bones).
    Please If anyone can help me figure this one out or tell me how it would be greatly appreciated.
    Pm me or Email me at my email under the post. Thank you Or post it here