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[RESOLVED] FBX Import Crashes UDK

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    [RESOLVED] FBX Import Crashes UDK

    I'm following the tutorials in the book 3ds Max Modeling for Games. I've created the first model: a textured box. I thought I'd try to import this model as a static mesh into UDK. I first exported the model as an ASE file, which was successfully imported into UDK. However, I wanted to export the model with the materials, so I exported the model as an FBX file and attempted to import the FBX file into UDK. UDK (Oct 2012) immediately crashed. Any idea what's wrong? Here are the files.



    e1: UDK (Nov 2012) also crashes.

    e2: I successfully exported the FBX with just Smoothing Groups, Tangents and Binormals, and Triangulate checked. The materials were not included, however. Are JPGs not supported? I'll try exporting with TGAs.

    e3: With the JPGs converted to TGAs, the FBX successfully imported into UDK with materials intact.