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Trouble Re-importing

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    Aaaaaaand I figured it out. When an FBX is re-imported but fails, there is not warning box. My issue is that my FBX export settings reverted and the skin information as not being included, leading to an import failure.

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    Trouble Re-importing

    I've got an issue where I have some characters imported as skeletal meshes, to which I updated their FBX files, and attempted to re-import them. When I do this nothing happens; no loading dialog, no sign that Unreal is doing anything at all. I then renamed the FBXs so the Editor would "lose" them, so that when choosing re-imported I get a windows browser, and I then select the appropriate FBX (or any other FBX) and again, Unreal does nothing. The mesh does not get updated or change in any way.

    Does anyone have a work around for this problem, or a way to fix it?