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trouble importing

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  • trouble importing

    hi, i made a model using blender of a basic handgun but when i import it and its texture i get this warning "Generated/imported vertex count ratio(1810/855) exceeds expected percentage (111.70 percent vs 25.00 percent expected)" can anyone tell me what this means and how to fix it? cheers

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    This is a common warning that can be ignored.


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      ok new problem when i try building lightmass i get a warning saying "static mesh has invalid lightmap coordinate index". does anyone know what this means and how to fix it


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        You dont have a second UV map for the lightmap to use or it is not in the 0 to 1 space


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          ok not sure why you've imported a handgun as a static mesh when i think it should be a skeletal mesh but what ever

          have a look at my blender->udk playlist on my youtube channel they show both static and skeletal mesh work flows

          ps that warning show that your uvw map isn't well used


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            I don't think that warning has anything to do with a UV unwrap. Lightmap warnings are the only UV related warnings because a mesh can have whatever UVs you want for the texture as long as they work for what you need. There's no standard for how they need to be laid out.