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FBX import offset and not in position.

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    Maya - freeze transformations.
    Max - reset Xform.

    Maya - delete construction history.
    Max - collapse the stack.

    2 things you should do before skinning (binding) the mesh.

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    I'm not sure if it's the same term in Max, but did you freeze the transformations on the mesh before skinning? (ie. reset the location and rotation values to be at 0)

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  • started a topic FBX import offset and not in position.

    FBX import offset and not in position.

    I've rigged a character using CAT in 3Ds Max and exported it as an FBX with 1 25 second long animation.
    I received a few errors on export & the Skeletal mesh imported as rotated and offset while the bones were still in the correct place as shown in the screenshot below.

    The Errors received were :-
    1) Geometry Conversion - The plug-in does not support the following objects' geometry type and will convert them to an editable mesh. Morph and skin deformations may be lost. If 'Enable in Viewport' is deactivated, closed shapes are capped and open shapes are converted to dummy objects with no edges or faces.
    2) Non-orthogonal matrix support - One or more objects in the scene has local axes that are not perpendicular to each other (non-orthogonal). The FBX plug-in only supports orthogonal (or perpendicular) axes and will not correctly import or export any transformations that involve non-perpendicular local axes.

    I'd be glad if someone could help me figure out if i'm missing a step or something.

    Thanks in advance!