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My Model Created used blender

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  • My Model Created used blender

    these models were created by me using blender if you want you can comment thanks

    Used Cycles Render
    (Sword Simple)

  • #2
    Sorry to say but these models look aweful.
    Honestly, this is nothing you should show publicly if you don't want to make a fool of yourself.


    • #3
      I'd say you need a lot more work on hard surface modeling as things like the chair and mug seem like they have spots that melted or something. You need to be cleaner with your topology. Also, your textures are off in scale. The floor tiles are stretched way to big and that wallpaper looks like it was scaled sideways.

      Of course, it's not in UDK so you need to work on your rendering. Are you planning on putting this in UDK? If so you have a lot of fixing to do before hand.


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        Thank you for your comment, however, these models I made to experiment blender because I'm just learning to use a week (I'm beginner)


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          if you're a beginner i'd say it's alright, show your work again next time, and accept all feedback, even if you think they are "bad" they're all good for you, practice more, everyday well when you've got free time , and eventually you'll get to it, you can show your progress on this thread if you want,


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            What..? Now we have the gallery here..?


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              Yes we have a gallery here, and it's called the spartanx museum ...


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                not one to advertise magazines but you might want to grab a copy of this one
                ca 4 hours of blender videos, plus other useful stuff for game content


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                  Originally posted by reinrag View Post
                  Yes we have a gallery here, and it's called the spartanx museum ...
                  Yeah, but Will It Blend? That is the question.


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                    I suggest you should join to show of your blender work and get tips instead of using UDK forum. However, after importing these meshes in UDK , or anything related to UDK is fine to show here.


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                      I think you gave my eyes cancer.


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                        I like the ambition! but you need a lot of work.

                        Great resources out there, and great ones posted above. In my opinion, I would start focusing on making smaller things and getting the fundamentals of not only the 3d program you are using, but the fundamentals of modelling. I wouldn't worry about texturing yet. Focus one step at a time and go from there!

                        Good luck!


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                          (Notebook Chorme)


                          (Toshiba Satelite)


                          Chorme Update

                          Thank you for your comments that you gave me, but here is my other work on blender sefero that you like I'm following the tutorial slowly because this software like Very