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  • faces.


    I'm ceating stuff with blender and want to import them into udk. how many faces can i use without udk starting to lag like the "F" word. In the aug im working with now i wave 3093 faces.

    thank you.
    PS: sorry if my english is bad.

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    3000 polygons is roughly 6000 triangles depending on your topology so that seems like a lot unless you're working on a character, weapon, or other very important piece that gets a lot of screen time. Though UDK can handle a lot, the fewer the better. If its not an important piece try using it to generate a normal map on a lower poly model.


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      ok this might help you depending on the type of game/platform your going for
      Characters 9-12k triangles
      Weapons 6-12k triangles
      Vehicles upto 20k triangles
      StaticMeshes up to you

      your better of having a look at the Epic content that comes with UDK


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        well it's a fps and an styer aug that the player are going to hold and shoot with so it will have a lot of screentime.
        so to me it seems that it works just fine.

        thank you.
        PS: sorry if my english is bad.


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          That seems perfectly fine then. Just keep a smaller number in mind for objects in the environment and you should be good.


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            yes. that i understand.


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              Also, if you are developing for mobile like me, You want to cut your Tris to a third of what you normally do, it's not the Tris and polies that kills you, it's the amount of objects/textures.

              If you have a forest of trees, make them all 1 model, not 500 seperate ones.