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UDK 3ds Import problem

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  • UDK 3ds Import problem

    Hi again!

    Well, my problem is this: I modelled a low poly helmet in Cinema 4D, detailed it in ZBrush, exported it to .obj, imported the .obj into 3DSMax, set up the smoothness and then exported to UDK (through the .fbx format).

    I had to use 3DSMax because Cinema 4D doesn't exports smoothing, so, I had to go throught Max first I'm starting right now with Max)

    Well, the problem is that, in UDK, at the end of the process, at the limits of the UV's islands, the UDK makes a "separation", like if the light changed there, which was not supposed to happen.


    --> Cinema 4D preview (the SUPPOSED final look of the helmet):

    --> 3dsMax imported .obj (no materials, still don't know how to apply them )

    --> UDK Final result, with a light affecting the model, and properly textured

    --> Diffuse map (sothat you can see the UV's islands breaks

    Please, any help would be appreciated

    Thanks for the help!

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    It's because you have a seam on it. Also, when you create your normal map your model needs to have the correct smoothing or the normal map will be wrong.


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      Thanks for the answer!

      What is it exactly a seam?

      My normal and diffuse maps were created on ZBrush. Then I exported the .obj + the .tiff textures. What does it has to do with smoothing?

      Thanks again


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        In UV mapping a seam is where you separate the mesh so you can flatten it out.

        When talking about normal mapping, your mesh will have some sort of smoothing applied, so your normal map needs to be rendered with your mesh having the smoothing that it will have in UDK.


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          Well, after a soft research around your word "seams", I could find a tip about importing the normal map as a normal map (in the compression settings). Well, this worked!

          However, I can still see a soft separation in the uv seam. Is this normal to happen? I've already red that uv maps are not perfect, so, this should be not an error, but something normal of happening. I just want to be shure that everything is working properly

          So, is this normal, or it's an error that must be fixed?

          Thanks again!