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UVing and Mapping questions

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    UVing and Mapping questions

    Hi, everyone, spanish noob here

    I was wondering if someone could solve some questions that i have. It´s all about mapping and the lowpoly-highpoly versions of a model.
    I´m kinda confused of the workflow: You hae to make 2 versions of a model, fine. You Unwrap your lowpoly model for create the texture maps, am i right?
    But then, you start working on the High-res Highpoly version of the model to create the Normal map. For creating the Shade Map you have to create a new UVMap of the Highpoly version? im kinda confused in that point. You apply the lowpoly version map? Will it create problems dueing the difference of shape and polygon amount?

    So, the point is that i understand the techniques used from each step, but i dont know the order and the correct switching into them (3d max, zbrush, photoshop, UDK....) i even just downloaded the 3d coat trial version and it seems nice to paint on the model but...then what?

    Is there any tutorial or workflow for creating an asset in 3d max to udk from zero (It would be cool if it was something REAL, like a mid-complex mesh, like a statue,not more wooden crates, please.... or better! a character, that would ROCK)

    Anyone wants to share his knowledge or knows where i can find the info im looking for?

    Thanks in advance,

    You never have to unwrap your high poly models. My work flow when dealing with sculpting a high poly is usually create a base mesh in my 3D app, export it to a sculpting package like ZBrush or Mudbox, sculpt the high poly, then export the lowest, or sometimes second to lowest subdivision level and use that for the model in-game. I double check the UVs to make sure they're still ok, then bake out normal maps from the high poly and do textures in photoshop. You could also polypaint textures on to the high res and bake those out too sometimes.

    Basically you pretty much never have to Layout UVs for a high poly if it won't be directly used in game. It's made just to extract various maps from.


      Hey, thanks for the reply!
      So, the ShadeMaps are made the same way than the normal maps? Putting the Highpoly over the lowpoly, rendering to texture and stuff?

      I know, i´m asking very basic stuff, must look stupid, sorry, hahaha.


        Here are some tutorials for ya.

        And if by shade maps you mean like ambient occlusion yes you can bake high poly to low poly in the same way as a normal map.