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Issues with texture import - Pixellated/Red/Broken Textures

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    Issues with texture import - Pixellated/Red/Broken Textures


    I've been trying to import some textures into my UDK level so I can apply it to a mesh, however I've run into a wall which makes absolutely no sense to me. I've been able to import textures from Photoshop without issue before, but it will not work correctly now.

    I made the texture in Photoshop and have tried exporting as both .PNG aswell as .PSD, this is what it is supposed to look like:

    However, once I import it into UDK it turns into this:

    (It's not supposed to be transparent)

    Any ideas? I need help as soon as possible, so even guesses will be helpful at this point.

    Thanks alot.

    Just check the 'Compression No Alpha' option in the texture properties or when importing.

    The reason is that you have an unused alpha channel in PS, just delete this one. Or save your texture as .tga and set it to 24bit.


      Thanks for the reply, however enabling the 'Compression No Alpha' didn't make any difference.

      I can't seem to save my file as .tga through Photoshop, the file format is not an option.

      Edit: Changing it to an 8 bit image fixes the issue.

      Edit Edit: When I save my normal map as 8 bit is gets pixellated and the shadows make the mesh look terrible. How can I delete the alpha channel on Photoshop? (I have no idea about it)


        You don't have to delete the alpha channel in Photoshop if you simply DONT save out an alpha when you save. In other words, save the texture as a targa and DONT tell it to save the alpha channel. Also, checking on Compression No Alpha will ignore the file's alpha channel anyways within the texture properties window in the content browser (Unreal Ed)

        P.S. Use targa, I think you're trying to use PNG from what I can tell in your Photoshop screen- don't.


          You're in RGB/16, it needs to be RGB/8, change it under Image -> Mode.