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Maya and Smoothing edges

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    Maya and Smoothing edges

    I'm using a .OBJ exporter from Sketchup to import my models in Maya.
    There seems to be a serious issue with the way smoothing edge works on this model.

    This is the result I get when first importing the model inside Maya:

    This is the result I get when pressing the SOFT smoothing edge:

    Once this operation is done, even after pressing HARD edge nothing happens.
    If I leave it as it is (when it looks fine) I still get lighting results similar to second pic when imported in UE3.. no one wants that.

    Anyone knows a solution to this problem? I'm pretty **** confident it's a problem generated by the exporter.

    Maybe the normals are locked, have you tried unlocking them, conform, and set to face before smoothing? If all else fails link the obj and I will check it out.


      looking at the edges you need to split some of the faces so that each has a max of 4 edges, do this and it should fix your problem


        select your mesh:

        - activate the Polygons menu set

        - select your mesh

        - Normals>Unlock Normals

        - perform whatever smoothing operations to your normals you wish


          Holy n-gons batman. From what it looks like you need to cleanup the model so that you've only got 3 or 4 sided polys, otherwise lighting is gonna go crazy.


            Yeah the errors all look like triangulation errors. UDK is going to triangulate it no matter what, so you may as well control how that happens.