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[Solved]Visible seams on imported skeletal meshs.

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    [Solved]Visible seams on imported skeletal meshs.

    It is already some time that i'm using UDK as a hobby but only now i'm trying to create my first character from scratch.

    I was modeling a sword and scabbard when I noticed that the textures in 3DS Max looks good, but when imported to UDK I can see the edges of the texture wraping, this happens even if I disable the specular light in the materials.

    Here is the scabbard I was modeling, notice how the tip of it has visible seams:

    Anyone know what coud be causing it and how to use that model in game without that edges becoming visible?


    It was fixed by changing the compression setting of the normal map texture to TC_NormalMap and unchecking the checkbox SRGB, both on the texture settings.

    Also I conected the alpha output of the normal map to the Specular imput of the material.

    My katana scabbard is looking as it should be!


      Good to know man, thanks.


        Originally posted by Matheus Martino View Post
        So I desided to copy some characters used in commercial games and see how they look inside UDK, I imported characters from Alice Madness Returns and Mass Effect 3 (both games use UE3)...
        How did you (copy and) import the characters? Do you use any third party tools (to export to 3ds Max) because I think the game .upk files cannot be read directly by the UDK Content Browser.

        Thanks for sharing your discoveries.


          ... Edited to remove possible illegal content.


            It's illegal to rip content from shipped games, in your case above you just wanted to test UV Seams, however, its never okay to do so.