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3d MAX -> Mudbox ?

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    3d MAX -> Mudbox ?

    Hi ppl i have recently seen an interesting video about model painting process in MudBox. Does any1 know Mudbox and could answer to few my questions ? :

    Can I import mesh from 3d max to mudbox just to paint textures ?
    If yes, shall I do UV mapping in 3d max before ? or mudbox creates it ?
    Can i export textures later on and import to udk along with the model and UV mapping ?

    Thanks in Advance

    What i want to do is to keep creating assets in 3d max but textures in mudbox instead of Photoshop
    And I do not have mudbox atm that's why I ask.

    Yes, Yes before, and Yes

    You can also paint textures in 3ds Max as well--they updated a tool in version 2012 called Viewport Canvas and now you can paint directly onto a model with layers and some basic functions like you might see in Photoshop.