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Basic Texture mapping question for an average building

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    here's what I have done so far...

    - it just that it doesnt really look "next gen" - hi-quality... I am using 2048x2048 maps, etc - but I think if you use anything higher than 1024 unreal just re-sizes it, right?


      What game and engine is it using? I don't think the game will automatically size textures. I have used a 2048x2048 and it stayed the same size.

      Given the simple shape nature of the environment, your textures need to do a bit more work. Maybe there isn't enough space in that 2048x2048 texture for it to look good.

      Can you post a sample of the building texture/mesh?


        When I import a 2048x2048 texture into the unreal editor (and then make a material) and then move my mouse of the thumbnail... it says something like

        "streamed 2048x2048 -> 1024x1024"

        so I wasnt sure if it was resizing anything over 1024... or if if unreal cannot take advantage of textures over 1024, etc. (or maybe its just doing that for the editor so it can load quickly the thumbail but it uses the full 2048 in the actual game?)

        maybe I should be using 4048x4048, huh? but wont that slow down slower computers?

        I will try to get some pictures of the textures later.


          I don't know why it would show you that. I really have only used a texture bigger than 1024 once, but I know it can be done. Different games may have different restrictions though, built in by the developers?

          4096x4096 may be pushing it. Slower computer may not even be able to handle something that big?


            Heres the texture in the unreal editor (notice where it say streamed)

            Click image for larger version

Name:	sample_texture.jpg
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Size:	38.6 KB
ID:	3248767

            Also... pay not attention to the texture name brick1024 (I named it that by mistake since its actually a 2048 size map and should be named brick2048)


              Open the texture properties window and check if the LODBias is set to 0 and LODGroup to World.
              Regarding your texture there are many ways to tweak the material. I highly recommend using detail textures which will improve the look a lot while keeping the basic diffuse texture at a reasonable size.
              One 4096² texture (DXT1 compression) has a size of 10.6mb (2048² - 2.67mb). A single one of those won't kill the performance but if using multiple textures of that size (or even 8192²) you might run into a vram bottleneck.


                Unfortunately I can't be of much help since I use the UT 3 editor, regarding the "2048x2048 -> 1024" part. I would assume it may resize it, but that doesn't make much sense since it would make more sense to just upload a 1024x1024 texture.


                  It's likely caused by the LOD settings. These can be affected via the texture properties or the UDKEngine.ini.


                    Thanks everyone for posting...

                    I will check the LODBias...