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Maya or 3DS Max: Which works better with the UDK

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    What about Cinema 4D, I've heard thats a good one, and theres another rare one, that was used to make all the models in Metal Gear Solid 4, cant remember what it was called. Soft-Image or something. Personally I use Max. Its suited me fine so far.

    At the end of the day I think its all a matter of preference. Find your element, and stick with it.


      Believe it or not, I've been gaining real ground on SoftImage/XSI modeling myself, and to me, that does rather decent with UDK as well, imo.
      Hard to believe how much neglected this tool is in the industry, it really has its potential, especially if procedural modeling/technical modeling is your cup of tea.

      (Yeah, I will admit it, I have been using Mod Tool 7.5, not the real SoftImage that is used today)

      Even so, I still would prefer SoftImage over Houdini, tho. I'm pretty sure that there will be those that will still agree with that.
      EDIT: Oops, looks like shuriken88 brought up SoftImage, but hey, at least he agrees that it's a neglected tool, and should be given more due attention.


        Stupid Answer But Makes Sense:

        Maya - for maya users
        3ds Max- for 3ds max users
        Blender - for Blender users
        Softimage- for softimage users


        3dsoftware - for %3dsoftware users


          I love using 3ds max because the ways is better than maya...maya like confusing a bit


            "the ways is better" hrmmmm.....