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Possible to adjust a default skeleton? ...deformed mesh woes o_0

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    Possible to adjust a default skeleton? ...deformed mesh woes o_0

    From what I have gathered and tested, if one is to use one of the default skeletons (such as UT3_Female), one can't re-position or re-size the biped/bones, or it will lead to a deformed model(?) when animation is applied. So then what is the proper way to match one of these skeletons with a mesh?

    Must the mesh always be fit to the skeleton (no bone or biped changes)?

    If you use one of these skeletons, adjust it, and make all your own animations, would that cause the same deforming? Or is there a better way?

    Further testing, the mesh seems to deform similarly in 3ds when biped moves, so what could that mean? I'll try to post screens soon if needed.

    If you want to reuse the animations already used by that skeleton then you can't modify the skeleton at all. But, if you are planning on creating your own animations you can change the skeleton as much as you want, just don't attach your model to the skeleton until after you've modified it.


      Oh good. That makes sense.

      The main deformation at the moment seems pre-UDK. I see it arise in 3ds. There are 3 main problem spots... the upper arm, upper leg being pulled out by the hands, and some lower leg bending. Some parts like the upper arm are thicker on this mesh than UT3_Female. What am I missing to fix this?


      (the default animations are not too bad for testing otherwise)



        You just need to weight your mesh properly, it has nothing to do with the skeleton.