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what model is needed to spawn in game as ai?

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    what model is needed to spawn in game as ai?

    hello, I was wondering what type of model would be needed to spawn an ai actor within udk. For some reason when I use the kismet actor factory Ex (with UI spawn ai) the skeletal meshs do not work. I also have a kismet function that has a move function. But what is the type of 3d model would I need to make this work or what type of data is needed with the 3d object to make it work. thank you in advance!

    Eh? Anything from a polygon to a full character (or more) would work.

    Pawns mainly use Skeletal meshes.


      here is the error that I get when I use the built in udk skeletal meshes in game testing:
      "failed to spwan at pathNode_0 using factory UTActorFactoryAI_0"

      and when I compile the kismet stuff it says this:
      skeletal mesh actor has NULL skeletalMeshComponent property"

      again thanks for the help! :-)


        I think, that your pawn doesn´t have an skeletal mesh asigned to it.(I may be very wrong, I am just getting started with unrealscript)

        where did you set your pawn´s skeletal mesh?

        Post the code.


          Try spawning it at a 'Note' Instead of a path node, I've been told that spawning on a path node can cause issues.

          How are you setting up the AI? If it's in Kismet you should just be able to select the Bot type, everything else would be decided in the Unreal Code.