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1/2 mesh shadow problem...

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  • 1/2 mesh shadow problem...

    Okay, can anyone tell me what's wrong with my mesh here? The shadow is tottally ruined for some reason...
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    Ironically, I am not that familiar with UDK, but is that 1 mesh? I doesn't look like the clothing is casting a shadow? Maybe that mesh isn't set to cast shadow? Did you disable shadow casting by material? Did you rebuild lighting?


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      Thanks for replying Odedge!
      After re-importing the mesh the problem seems to be fixed :0\
      No idea what could cause the problem though.
      And indeed... It's multy-mesh skeletal mesh.


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        Is that a character made in Daz/Poser? I tried doing the same thing a while back, and the results can be pretty interesting. All you have to do is reduce the polycount like crazy. You DO usually have to do a lot of texture fixing though.