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FBX and Collision

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    FBX and Collision

    Hello everyone,

    I've been running into a bit of an issue with my collision when i export my models from maya 2011 to FBX and bring them into UDK. When they get into UDK they have no collision and no collision can be applied to them... even if just try to give it a 6dop it tells me i have 0 collision primitives, however when exporting to ASE it works fine... also when i reimport the fbx file back into maya, the collision meshes come with it so i know its exporting properly, just not importing into udk.

    any thoughts?

    I had a similar issue where ASE was working but FBX wasn't. It turned out to be an issue with the naming. The collision pieces have to be named in the same fashion as the original model. E.g if the object name is house then the collision mesh parts should be UCX_house_001, UCX_house_002 and so on.

    That was my issue which with different naming worked fine with ASE but not FBX.

    Not sure if it's the problem you're having but might be worth double checking.