I've been modelling a plethora of game assets and usually when Im in the process, what I like to do in Maya is if I want to add something to the current model from another model, I import the other model into the current scene. and it imports the texture as well, but whenever I export everything out as one object in a .fbx, UDK gets the model right, but doesnt like the fact that I imported another texture into Maya. So what it does is it doesnt allow me to have another material on the texture. For example, if I'm making a bridge, and I imported a lantern from a lightpost into the current scene, id be able to see both texture of the lantern and the bridge in Maya, but whenver I import into UDK, it allows me to get the bridge texture, but doesnt give me another slot for the lantern texture, so what it does is it assigns the bridge texture to the lantern, which is wrong. Anyone know how to get around this problem? Maybe its a simple checkbox under my export options in Maya or what