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3Ds Max Rigging Script [tool]

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    3Ds Max Rigging Script [tool]

    Hello everyone!

    I am new on forum and new to UDK! I've been into 3D for few years, and I've decided to point my career in gaming industry.

    I have developed a Maxscript tool for Rigging a humanoid character for UDK. I'd like to share it with everyone, especially people who are working professionally with UDK, to have everyone's suggest what is good in this tool, whats bad, whats missing ect.
    I noticed that biped rig is often used and because of that I fear that many may thing that my script is useless.

    I expect a feedback comments, and critics!

    Relja Ljubobratovic, Serbia.

    macroscript is in category:"Relja"

    Criticism 1.
    Where is it? Might want to include a link.


      I had a trouble with upload... anyway thanks for a quick response. I've added link in post.