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    [WIP] Soldier

    Hi I'm new to UDK and don't know how to use it if at all yet.... Can't wait till I figure out how to though! My question is would I be able to use this soldier I'm modelling in UDK? The gear (pockets) are separate objects if that's a concern? I have been using Blender for almost 5 years now.... and I think it's about time I start to make game ready content and assets.

    Yes you can use it, but I would add extra edge splits near the knees, elbows and shoulders of your soldier. You can find correct topology maps of characters on google.

    As for your pockets and items: yes it's not a problem to have these.
    However, they should not be attached to your main model but be separate meshes.
    Then when you rig your character, you add standalone joints to your rig at the position of these items.

    For example: Say that I want a backpack on my character.
    I will then add an extra joint on the back which is further away from the spine. I'll name this joint "backpack" so its easy to find it later. Then with code, you attach the backpack mesh to the backpack -joint on your character. This way a coder can easily equip and unequip items on a character. Think of the joints as magnets which you can attach other meshes to.

    You don't always need a separate joint though because you can offset meshes on a joint with code. This is often the case with weapons: You just attach your rifle/knife/whatever to your hand joint with code.


      Cool thanks I'll keep that in mind when I am done I have added the head but it has no face or ears at the moment I've also remodelled hands again since the ones before weren't that good the new ones seem to be better.