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Problem with Constraint

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    Problem with Constraint

    hello guys!
    i am a beginner on UDK and i'v downloaded all the UDK tutorials from the UDK site!
    in one of them called "Constraint basics" i do step by step by the video but when i run the game my object that i connected to a RB_jonit isn't move(like one that shows on the tutorial that object swings around place)
    but in the tutorial do well and i don't know how to fix this!
    is there any hotkeys or somthing else?
    what i'm supposed to do to fix this?

    this is the example of my problem if anybody can help:

    this pic is captured form video tutorial that the object with Rb_joint swing around place but when when i do it step by step by the tutorial it dosen't work correctly! what should i do?