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Problem with UV mapping

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    Problem with UV mapping

    Hi, I'm new to UDK and I really need some help on the model I'm trying to create. The creation of the model is nearly finished (its only a computer screen) as my test to import meshes and texture them for UDK. But when I created my UV map for my model, I find the texture in game and 3d max are different..

    Here's what i'm talking about...(in game shot)

    As you can see, there are black/green textures on the side of the screen

    The texture in 3D max is completely fine....

    I don't know whats wrong with it...Well, I did set a bad normal map, but that doesn't effect the sides of the screen..and somehow the 2Dtexture I imported in are missing the black sides I added, but If I open the file itself, it's completely fine...Headache..

    I never created models for games be4, I learned 3D modeling on my own with my spare time just to make something when I feel like it...

    Try saving the 2Dtexture as a targa in Photoshop and use 24bit Resolution. The missing black part may be because you saved your file as 32bit, which contains transparency. Try this and see if it fixes the green artifacts. If not, could you upload the texture file so I could get a good look at it?


      Fixed.....somewhat if I delete and import the textures, it has this weird problem...So I have to double click on the 2Dtexture, and click "reimport"..... I know its the same as importing again but somewhat it only works for me if I click reimport...