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Losing Collision Data when importing ASE

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    Losing Collision Data when importing ASE

    Trying to import my static mesh from blender 2.58.

    Here is the collision data in Blender

    And here is what happens to it in UDK

    As you can see it seems UDK or something is taking the correct shape and turning it into a simple box.

    Anyone see my error or know of a fix?

    if you want simple 8 way collision, then better use udk built in collision.
    Read the following thread and post ur blend file there for checking.


      You may need to add a little more to your collision model name. i am not sure "UCX_" is enough, try "UCX_1". Also, are you selecting both objects before exporting?

      What exporter are you using as well. I use Campagnini's ASE export that dukejib linked, which works just fine.

      For such a simple shaped mesh, you could just create a collision model in the static mesh editor, but for more complex shapes, the SM editor won't be very useful.


        Maybe the cube is the shape of your collision without any scaling applied. Is the scale x,y,z = 1,1,1 inside Blender?