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Modular Lightmaps Issue

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    Modular Lightmaps Issue

    Hey everyone,

    I've just begun using lightmaps for the first time and I think I have the basic gist of the idea down, but I do need some additional help.

    My project requires a large amount of modular assets that are meant to be re-used throughout the map. Some of these areas are surrounded by BSP.

    This is where I run into issues.

    So, as you can see my lightmaps need some general help. I'm modeling in 3ds Max 2011.

    I hope someone is able to provide me with some help so that. Obviously these surfaces are supposed to look flat, not depressed into the wall.

    It's this:

    Watch the whole thing. It has to do with Lightmap resolution, which is set in UDK, but you have to setup the UVs for the 2nd, lightmapping channel based on those pixels in Max. If the UVs are off-grid, you get light map texture bleeding as shown in your images.


      Thanks so much, I'll give that a shot.


        That video is slightly inaccurate by the way.
        If you set tiling in max to 16, it doesn't represent lightmap resolution of 32 in UDK because lightmass pads the lightmaps by one pixel. So the actual effective resolution of a 32x32 lightmap will be 30x30. You can test this by making a plane model (the UV's should fill whole 0-1 space by default) and importing it into UDK. Then just build lighting and count the lightmap pixels in the lighting w/ texel density viewmode.

        TL;DR: In Max set tiling of the checker material to lightmap resolution/2 - 1 for actual 1:1 lightmap representation.