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    UV Map Closable Container


    I've made a few game assets in the past, mostly from tutorials as learning excercises, but I'm pretty much a newbie and this will probably be evident very soon.

    I've created a front-load dumpster to scale in max for use as a UDK asset, the dumpster has two doors on top that can be opened independently to see inside, or closed. The inside of the model has been extruded to form the bin, so you could put stuff in it, etc. Meaning there are surfaces and correct normals inside as well as out.

    The model also has casters on the bottom that can be positioned and rotated.

    So like I said, it's to scale (4 yard), and for all intensive purposes it does everything a real one would do.

    Eventually I want to add some animation, and get the thing in UDK with some good physics. In the end I want to have a model that is highly reusable. It might be used with the doors closed as just a prop and not able to be opened. Or it might be knocked over, the doors fly open, and the **** spills out as part of a cut scene. Maybe a player blows the doors off with a RPG. Maybe a character or player gets inside it. You get the idea.

    What I'm trying to figure out is how to UV map this model. Ideally I would like to not UV map the inside and outside together, for 1) to save the memory when it's just a static prop, 2) so I have more space for the detail inside and out.

    Does anyone have some pointers on the best way to go about doing this?


    Well you could fit it all on quite well, i recently done a trash container too...

    Or if you insist, you can apply a diffent material to the inside faces,(outside mat id 1, inside mat id 2) then unwap them to a seperate texture, 1 for the outside, 1 for the inside.


      Thanks for replying Bensta. I think multiple Material ID's is sending me down the right path.