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Import FBX but doesn't show any mesh materials

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    Import FBX but doesn't show any mesh materials


    Note: This is a mobile platform game

    I am importing an FBX (I am happy to share it if you need context of the item)

    When I do I tick import materials, it creates 3 separate materials, (3 pastel colored materials which had been set on the object)

    I then flattened these and made new materials which I references to make sure they are mobile compatible.

    I placed my pawn in the level and referenced the mesh. It draws with 1 working material (the 1st) in mobile previewer

    Then I booted the game and inspected my pawn's object currently his skeletal mesh component and it stated it did not have any material's on the mesh component.

    I am wondering what am I doing wrong to get this to work?

    All I want is 1 working material for now as I want to swap it at runtime for testing.


    Import FBX but doesnt show any mesh materials

    **** I did not know you were doing a show in VA nice..

    Whats the deal everyone?


      wrong reply?


        Maybe I can't help you too much with this because I haven't touched the mobile editor yet.
        My recommendation wether its for the mobile or standard editor, is to not create your materials in max and export them. Just create base materials so that the slots are available and assigned to the parts of your mesh that you want, and then create them in UDK. You'll be assured it works in mobile.
        Hope it helps