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    Collision Issues

    Hey all, sorry for the double post. I accidentally posted the first one in the level design category and can't figure out how to delete it.

    I've been having a problem with custom collisions that I make in 3ds max...

    Basically I've created a custom collision mesh inside 3ds max, but when I export it to UDK, it turns into 209 primitives even though its only three convex pieces inside max. Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?

    I'm exporting to ASCII not using Actor X... maybe this is the problem?


    Woot! Fixed it.

    SpoonDog had suggested in my other thread that I check the "One convex per UCX Object" while importing and though it didn't work originally, I figured out why... Basically the mesh had too many areas where it formed a slightly convex shape so it was just ignoring it. I divided the mesh into several more pieces and this fixed the problem. Thought I'd post my solution in case anyone else runs into it and needs an answer.

    Also, cman2k from the polycount forum pointed out this wonderful max script for generating a low poly convex hull mesh from your models I used it as the base for this model and it saved me a load of time!