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Breaking up large models into multiple smaller UVs

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    Breaking up large models into multiple smaller UVs

    My question is pertaining to UV layouts on large objects. Take for example this kitchen cabinet set I am trying to paint.

    Is my best bet (can I, I should ask) break it up into smaller elements and paint it that way? If so, how many materials would you expect me to have on an object like this? I'm asking because I am still very new to painting objects, so I'm not sure what is too many, or what is considered to few.


    Furthermore, am I better off painting this with multi/sub object mode or by doing UV layouts?

    I've also recently started using Pixexix Do you see this as a viable option?

    Thanks guys.

    You really should not need more than one UV lay out for this size of a model. Just do the UV and overlap some of the surfaces that match up.