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Orgainizing your model/material folders

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    Orgainizing your model/material folders

    I'm not sure if my questions is as important for UDK as it would be to a 3D modeling program like max, but here it goes:

    When you are creating models, how do you organize your folders? By that I mean, are all of your materials kept in one folder set, and models in another?

    For example: Materials > Wood > planks.png, planks1.png, darkwood1.png, darkwood2.png

    Or do you copy those art assets into the same folder where you have the models created as well?

    Ex: Models > Couch.obj, planks.png, planks1.png

    I'm just asking because I'm coming up with more and more materials and models as I move along and wasn't sure of the most efficient way to go about organizing thigns

    I cover this is detail here:

    I'm fairly aggressive when it comes to naming and organization. Prefixing based on file type so no matter what, everything is organized together is a great help. A good plan can keep files organized even in the same folder.


      Great read, and great advice as well. Thanks, I appreciate it.

      Also, when you're organizing your folders (on your computer, not even in UDK) what does your folder structure look like?


        There's a section on Naming Conventions on the Asset Pipeline page of UDN


          I either categorize (use folders) by type (mesh, texture, etc.) or by the "final" package system (as how they would appear in .upk packages in the engine).


            @Hellclown Thank you

            @musilowski Thank you too, that was really what I was looking for, a folder structure so I know how to keep them on my hard drive.