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SoftImage: ActorX .psk export crash; need help

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    SoftImage: ActorX .psk export crash; need help

    I recently upgraded to a new computer, and had to re-install all of my old software. The problem is: I've begun having trouble with exporting .psk files from Actorx using SoftImage; whenever I export a file, I get the message
    Unsmooth groups processing: [0] vertices added.
    and when I import into the UDK, I get
    Warning skeletal mesh has no vertex influences
    When imported to the march beta, the mesh doesn't appear at all (invisible)
    When imported to the December beta, the mesh will appear, but everything will not use a collision model
    I read that there was a setting you had to change, but whenever I modify any of the settings, SoftImage crashes.
    I had a similar problem before on the old machine, but I don't remember how I did it, and it somehow caused the animation exporter to export corrupt files.

    Has anyone else had this problem? and if so, how did they fix it?
    (I've already done this for several hours in more broader and more accurate terms than this)

    I'm running windows 7 64bit with SoftImage 64bit
    I used to be runngin Vista 32bit, with modtools 7.5 and 6.5